The freelancers’ cryptocurrency

Gooreo coin

The utility coin of Gooreo platform – freelancers platform – where you can pay and get paid in cryptocurrencies.

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Gooreo Ecosystem

Token Information

Funds Allocation

Supply Distribution:

GoFioo ‘Gooreo Token Staking Depo’ Reward System

Gooreo platform acts as a host to GoFioo – a DeFi kernel for global investors. GoFioo is an investment wallet and a Gooreo token staking depo for global investors looking to stake Gooreo coin. Gooreo token will be the processing cryptocurrency for payment or investment within GoFioo. Global investors are free to invest in any crypto coin (e.g. BTC, ETH, BNB, BUSD, etc.).  GoFioo investors will earn an increasing % proportional to Gooreo platform profits as clarified in adjacent table :

Year% ‘ of platform profit’
5th5%, perpetuity


Gooreo is planning to become the dominant player in the crypto-powered global freelance marketplace and a fortress in DeFi-oriented investment space by Q1 2022.  Roadmap milestones for Gooreo concept development:

Q4 - 2019
  • Gooreo Founders meet to confirm ideas around recruitment and job platform. With the motto ‘Find your next career move!’.
  • Founders meet with developers and initiate the start of project to help newly graduated find optimal jobs and head hunters find best talent.
Q1 - 2020
  • Gooreo Founders meet to re-orient the project idea, examine freelancing dynamics and focus on freelancers’ service exchange marketplace
Q2 - 2020
  • Gooreo launch phase of freelance market analysis.
  • Research of main market players pros and cons.
  • Review of freelancers’ feedback from real-life experiences.
  • Identification of challenges and current obstacles exposed during covid-19.
  • Confirmation of remote work as a booming trend emerging as the future of work.
Q3- 2020
  • Founders confirm the concept-shift to focus on global freelance platform ironing solving outstanding problems.
  • Founders meet with developers and initiate project planning stage, project timeline and resource allocation.
    Whitepaper V1.1
Q4- 2020
  • Discussion of freelance platform match with blockchain technology and role of Gooreo cryptocurrency to resolve freelancers’ current issues.
  • Founders start meeting developers initiate start of project Whitepaper V1.2.
Q1- 2021
  • Rebranding
    Core team and advisor recruitment.
  • Hire vital employees: Blockchain developers / Web developers/ front-end & back-end developers / sales & marketing/ iOS & android developersArchitecture and design of the freelance platform.
  • Initiation of platform development.
  • Planning of Gooreo token generation plan and timeline.
  • R&D of a Gooreo built-in DeFi investment core (GoFioo) for crypto investors. Whitepaper V 1.3
Q2- 2021
  • Marketing campaign raising awareness on Gooreo project
  • Web platform development designed around simplicity and user accessibility.
  • Defining and initial development of Back-End structure
  • UI design and initial development of front-end of website platform
  • Gooreo Platform Beta release
  • Establishment of GoFioo DeFi core priority list Whitepaper V 1.4 (final)
  • Preparations for Gooreo token Pre-Sale
Q3- 2021
  • Whitepaper finalized, published, and released
    Social media campaign to increase followers across all channels
  • Token generation website optimization.
  • Development of Gooreo token generation event smart contract on Binance Smart Chain (BSC).
  • Gooreo token test and readiness for release
  • Gooreo token Pre-Sale launch
  • Gooreo token aim to listings in major centralized and DEX platforms
  • Gooreo App iOS/android prototype
Q4- 2021
  • Further development of UX/UI
  • Strategic partnerships within BSC blockchain and DeFi major market players
  • Continuing social media awareness and marketing campaign
  • Concept development of GoFioo investment module for global investors
  • Revision of GoFioo role as DeFi and investment engine within platform
  • Gooreo App iOS/android development and release
Q1- 2022
  • CI and optimization of UX/UI
  • Global marketing campaign pushing towards mainstream adoption
  • Monitor and optimization of Gooreo platform internal activities, market share,
  • Integration of GoFioo Built-in DeFi investment core ROI program
  • Integration of Fiat payment gateway


Bassel Alahmad

Founder & CTO

Mahmoud Alahmad

Co-Founder 'Business'

Khaled Jassem

Web design/dev

Mulham Seyd

Social media

Ali Alwawi

Blockchain Specialist

Abdullah Abbas

Business Operation


Wherever there is internet, there’ll be freelance, wherever there is freelance, there’ll be Gooreo!

e-mail: [email protected]

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