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The utility coin of Gooreo platform – freelancers platform – where you can pay and get paid in cryptocurrencies.

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GoFioo ‘Gooreo Token Staking Depo’ Reward System

Gooreo platform acts as a host to GoFioo – a DeFi kernel for global investors. GoFioo is an investment wallet and a Gooreo token staking depo for global investors looking to stake Gooreo coin. Gooreo token will be the processing cryptocurrency for payment or investment within GoFioo. Global investors are free to invest in any crypto coin (e.g. BTC, ETH, BNB, BUSD, etc.).  GoFioo investors will earn an increasing % proportional to Gooreo platform profits as clarified in adjacent table :

Year% ‘ of platform profit’
5th5%, perpetuity


Bassel Alahmad

Founder & CTO

Mahmoud Alahmad

Co-Founder 'Business'

Abdullah Abbas

Business Operation

Ali Alwawi

Blockchain Specialist

Mulham Seyd

Social media

Gooreo coin

Wherever there is internet, there’ll be freelance, wherever there is freelance, there’ll be Gooreo!

e-mail: [email protected]